Many historical accounts of obsessive behavior detail not just the presene of the intrusive thoughts, but the folly of trying to suppress them. Martin Luther, the sixteenth-century German priest who inspired the Protestant Reformation and suffered from obsessive thoughts, gave the advice: “Grit your teeth in the face of your thoughts and for God’s sake be more obstinate, head strong, and wilful than the most stubborn peasant or shrew. Indeed, be harder than an anvil… If necessary speak coarsely and disrespectfully like this: Dear devil, if you can’t do better than that, kiss my toe.” ‘Kiss my toe, OCD’, that’s what I should have said. But I wasn’t ready. Not yet. – David Adam

Hello, I am Stëfanie Lyn. I am a student at Brown University, studying Contemplative Studies and Medical Anthropology. I am a recovering pre-med. I have a bunny named Dumpling. I created Project LETS, Inc. and care deeply for social/racial justice, fighting ableism, and (sometimes radical) mental health/illness advocacy work.

I am Puerto Rican and Polish/Israeli, and am learning to unpack the narrative of my identity; and furthermore question what it means to a) take up space and b) live as both oppressor and oppressed. I like spoken word poetry, genuine conversation, sending snail mail, and meeting new folks. Please, friend, feel free to say hello: stefanie_kaufman@brown.edu


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