• How did we meet? –> Healing Trauma in Historically Oppressed Communities event — Michaela asked a question, like, “What do you do when the trauma is happening every single day”
  • When we were in the water together, she held my hand and when a wave came she would turn and put her body in front of mine
  • “Water is healing. Water is life. That’s what we say.”
  • “I can tell you haven’t eaten. You’re turning blue. You’re losing the hair on the right side of your body. Your chi is low.”
  • “I need you to heal yourself. We need you.”
  • Took on my struggle when she knew I wouldn’t ask for myself:
    • “I am hungry, can we stop here?”
    • “My foot hurts, can we slow down?”
  • Felt so connected; like we knew each other our whole lives
  • Connecting and conversing with everyone — beautiful; but at times I had to confront my own ableist thoughts and annoyances like ‘hurry up’
    • Make me question my own conceptions of what illness symptoms are, and what is just constructed bullshit
  • Felt so much pain for ‘small’ things – dog
  • “Do you think I’m bipolar?”
  • Prophets
  • The Next Paradigm Shift
  • Native Americans – the Black Snake
  • Dartmouth student — became face of activism
    • “Is it worth what we’ve given to these universities?”
    • “It’s about the individual people we help”
  • Grandma is a Holocaust survivor
    • Auschwitz
  • “Always have a towel”
    • Had everything she needed in one backpack
  • Not afraid to ask people for what she needed
  • “You can love me, but you have to let me go”
    • We kissed
  • Panelist on Rhonda Magee’s Social Justice panel
    • Brave, incredible soul

Can we just invalidate someone’s entire lived experience because we deem them to be ill?

“Who do you think wins if you don’t eat? Not you.”


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