Day 9: Wednesday, July 6th

  • Today we went to Mbabane Central High 
  • Girl literally spit when I said Sawubona 
  • Completely stunned that I could say anything at all
  • Constantly on edge when people don’t look like you; It is a constant source of worry, stress, and concern 
  • Afraid people are always looking at you, laughing at you, and talking about you
  • Met Sabon and Prince’s professor of psychiatric nursing at the University – Dr. Sipepho 
  • Recorderded most of it 
  • Pretty cool old dude
  • Learned a lot, but some marked differences in the way that things are presented 
  • Ex. stress is a disease 
  • Green Chili for dinner — I’ve been liking taking myself out 🙂 
  • Spending a lot of money on transport, I need to get over myself and ride in a Khombi! 

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