Day 7: Monday, July 4th

Happy birthday, America. 

This morning I waited for a khombi for 25 minutes to no avail.

Oh well, at least I’m adorable. *Insert adorable photo here*

At IMERSE, it’s been slow today. Worried I won’t have a set plan or strategy for the summer, despite creating a comprehensive work plan before coming.

Ah! I almost forgot. Everyone loves the stickers.

I’m a bit worried, like I said, that I won’t have a set plan. I should talk to both Charlie and Dumsani and lay out a bit of what I am expecting, or what I need out of this work. Like, interviews and a finished product of some sort. I think that should be okay. I am first and foremost here to learn, but having a plan and some goals will really help me.

Nsika is writing a beautiful poem for the IMERSE blog. I got a bit of audio, and I really hope she lets me interview her.

We got lunch (view on the way out of IMERSE below) and since we all stayed together, I had to go to Spar too. And only got french fries — chips. I am so hungry.

My laptop wouldn’t charge at work and it made me so anxious.

Update: laptop is charging. And we have a game plan! We’re doing work with gender-based violence this week, and a few more school workshops. We also got the green light to train the Rural Health Motivator’s, so I’ll begin desigining the curricula for that more fully tomorrow!

I also made a new friend, Sanelsiwe, and for the record, she is not a lesbian. Context: Had a huge debate/discussion on LGBTQ+ individuals today. More on that later.


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