Day 6: Sunday, July 3rd

  • Went to Swazi Plaza
  • Ate my first pizza from Pizza Inn
    • Vegetarian pizza with chili, green pepper, onion, and sweet corn
    • Disclaimer: I did not know there was chili on it, and my entire mouth was on mother fucking fire
  • I walked around by Bombasos a bit, and took some photos of the scenery
  • I also saw little monkey men! Though I assumed they were baboons which is really silly of me to do
  • I wore the black and white dress that mom gave me, and took some selfies with the nice camera, which made me feel *konfident or something*
  • I also went to Charlie’s for dinner, and met his lovely daughter Ella. Their home is pretty magical, up in the mountains, fantastic view, up a narrow dirt path that I naively assumed had another way out.
    • Pro tip: It doesn’t. You, as Charlie says, “make it work”
  • Ella called it ‘Africa Lite’ because we were having Chinese food that Frances made!
    • Louie also made some dumplings, but they had meat so I couldn’t eat them
      • Though they smelled awesome
  • I had cucumber salad, some kind of noodle and mushroom dish, and some other kind of dish that tasted a bit like mushed cauliflower? It’s apparently a staple in France’s family
  • Then we watched soccer, curled up by the fire, and had tea. I felt like I was adopted into the family. It was really nice. We had Swedish Fish and also met the woman who lives in Charlie’s like side house? Her name is Tandega, and she studied Chemisty in the US
  • I also played with their adorably cute puppy named Cassie
  • It was a good day

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