Day 5

Saturday, July 2

  • Difficult day
  • Phone isnt working — cannot get anything but wifi
  • Spent like 9 hours trying to make it work, sitting in the same spot outside trying to figure it out
  • Why am I even doing this? OCD? Safety? Cant be alone with myself?
  • Upset that I sat in one spot and am not out enjoying more
  • Upset that I don’t have the balls to just mess up and figure it out as I go — working on this
  • Got pretty depressed/suicidal
  • Wanted to come home
  • Wish someone else was here with me, but also not so I can do my own thing
  • I hope it gets easier/better/different than today
  • Only day 5 lol
  • This will be what I make of it
  • Oh, didn’t go to Ambassadors pig roast
  • Invite only, the fuck Charlie!

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