Day 4: Canada Day

  • Didn’t go to work — could barely walk in the morning, couldn’t get out of bed
  • Did LETS work outside
  • Walked to Rambla’s by myself
    • 28 minute walk to the nearest restaurant
    • Chips and cheese quesadillas
  • Charlie called and invited me to a potluck dinner at Yael’s house
    • Him and his wife’s friend from Israel
  • Peace Corp medical chief = Frances
    • Talking about the new volunteers “big eyed and bushy tailed”
    • All get same conditions — like the military
    • Home stay
    • Learn how to make some food from local ingredients
    • Get a gas stove, some money for a bed, and left with a family
    • No assignment
    • Thrown into the community to identify and solve a problem
    • Up to them to communicate with locals
  • Frances offered to set me up with a Siswati tutor once a week
  • I now understand why people here hate white people, or at the very least are suspicious
  • The global economics of foreigners being able to come live in Swaziland, in basically a home nicer than I’ve seen in the US — is remarkable
  • Burning the land
  • Ate: beet/carrot/apple/sesame oil + seed salad; vegetable cous cous; fried rice; fried tomatoes; some kind of stew
  • Canada Day!
    • Little flags and decorations
    • French fries and gravy
    • Mac and Cheese
    • Beavers tail (some kind of dough with cream, nutella, and gummy candy)
    • Cupcakes
    • Lots of alcohol
  • Played pool and a game like Kings
  • Given my Swazi name by Lawanie
    • Winile
    • Pronounced: Win-ee-ley
    • Means achiever and winner

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