Day One: Traveling


don’t worry about my feelings they are mine what I need is the truth and then I will know how to deal with my feelings




Gas station Home health care aide – worked with elderly who dedicated their lives to others and ended up lonely

Restaurant 7 days a week Monday to Monday

Temporary resident Angola war

After Angola war, Couldn’t work — only for tips

Left everything in Angola Clothes, apartment Model in Angola Had fame but no money Had money but no fame

Worked in laundromats

Worked way up as bank teller

acting classes and real estate agent

Spend our lives trying to fit into conditions that don’t suit us — Change your environment or location so that it is more suited for you


Conditioned to think that success = house, car, family, job

The bigger the more successful

What about desires? What makes you happy?

You don’t need to even share your plan or tell anybody — just do it

Claudia – Beautiful smile and teeth – Beautiful skin – 40 years old with two girls


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