Charlie picked me up

Met Dumsani, Prince, Nsika, Sibona (sp)

Met other girl who is getting married

Went to FLAS Clinic/IMERSE

Brainstorm session

  • Thought I’d be absorbing but I was facilitating
  • Negative relationships/abuse


Went to lunch — Price n Pay

  • Fried rice and veggies
  • Muffin
  • Water

Was late back to IMERSE

Took a Kombi to the school

Went to school — Enhlanganisweni High School




Describe scene

  • Was teaching outside while standing up on a field
  • Students waited for us for 20 minutes after their day

Describe what we did

  • Prince began
  • Lots of discussion
  • SO eager to talk
  • “Let’s talk in English for Stefi”
  • No, y’all can talk in Siswati and I’ll learn
  • Sweetest individuals

Skyped a baby

Tried to make food

Learned some Siswati


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